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9 ways to bring Pinterest users to your Blog

20131008-211515.jpg Found a really nice blog via Pinterest called that details methods you can use to capitalize off your activity on Pinterest. If you are able to take whatever your blog topic is and create a graphic similar to the image above and place it on Pinterest linking it to your website, it opens up a whole new world of potential readers. This is obviously a follow up to my earlier post. Hope you find this information useful.

9 Tips 1. Write a Tutorial. 2. Write a Top 10 List. 3. Compile a Resource Roundup. 4. Write an Informational Guide. 5. Give good advice. 6. Write Seasonal Content. 7. Inspire your Readers. 8. Share a Recipe or Formula. 9. Give something away.

For more follow this link: Pinterest-tips-for-bloggers





How Pinterest can be used to Grow your Business

How To use Pinterest to. Grow your Business Here is an ad that I found on that illustrates how Pinterest can be used to help grow your business. Hope someone finds it insightful and helpful. It at least has inspired me to look into the topic more thoroughly. Good luck.

Laytuh, Snoop