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Ruff Neck - Snoop (Levi Robinson)

20130905-112245.jpg Title: “Ruff Neck ” Image Size: 5” x 5” Framed Size: 10" x 10" Signed & Titled: Yes Number: 1/100 Original Painting: Sells for $150 on Bristol

If you've noticed I like to close the eyes of my characters. I think subliminally, this was something that I picked up from Ernie Barnes. As I've learned more about him, I heard and read him state that he closes the eyes as a symbolic gesture to demonstrate man's inability to see one another's humanity (I'm paraphrasing). For me...that's not it at all...and I've been doing this since before I can remember. The reason I do it is because I've always felt that we experience moments more deeply when we perceive them rather than see them. I've always felt like my characters appear to be completely engaged in whatever it is that they're doing in that space and in that moment in time. See with your mind not with your eyes...that's my new mantra.

And that's that.

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